Texas Embraces Greener Bitcoin Mining: House Bill 591 Passes

12. Mai 2023 Aus Von admin

• Texas passes House Bill 591, allowing for Bitcoin miners to use flare gas emissions.
• The new bill will reduce carbon impact by 63%, creating economic activity, jobs, and tax revenue.
• The exemptions granted in the bill lower the cost of using this form of energy.

Texas Embraces Greener Bitcoin Mining

The Texas House and Senate have passed House Bill 591, paving the way for Bitcoin miners to benefit from cheaper, greener energy. This move is expected to result in a 63% carbon impact reduction by recycling waste flare emissions that would otherwise be vented or burned into the atmosphere. With these exemptions in place, it will lower the cost of utilizing this form of energy.

Tax Exemptions Granted

A deeper examination of the bill showed that it was based on ratifying tax exemptions for the flare recycling process, thus lowering its cost. As stated by the Texas Blockchain Council, this is an example of “industries coming together to create economic activity, jobs and tax revenues while at the same time mitigating carbon emissions”.

Environmental Benefits

The new bill helps combat global warming as it reduces carbon emissions from being released into our atmosphere and causes less pollution overall. Furthermore, utilizing flare gas emissions is a much more efficient use of existing resources than burning fossil fuels which are already running out due to their high demand worldwide.


This news has caused some excitement among those who support sustainable practices and renewable energy sources as they now have another option that can help make transactions cheaper while also being good for our planet’s health. Additionally, with Bitcoin mining becoming more popular all over the world – especially in states like Texas – this could lead to even more widespread adoption if other states follow suit with similar initiatives in order to attract miners looking for cheaper alternatives when setting up their operations elsewhere.


In conclusion, passing House Bill 591 is a step forward towards making Bitcoin mining greener and more efficient overall – providing environmental benefits while offering economic opportunities at the same time. It remains to be seen whether or not other states will follow suit with similar initiatives in order to attract miners looking for cheaper alternative solutions when setting up operations elsewhere.