• Ric Burton, co-founder of Balance.io, accused Uniswap founder Hayden Adams of not repaying him for helping get Uniswap off the ground.
• Adams denied the allegations and said Burton was offered an investor ownership stake and a cash repayment, both of which were turned down by Burton.
• Burton is now suing Adams to “right the wrong” he felt.

Allegations Against Uniswap Founder

Ric Burton, co-founder of Balance.io, recently posted a tweet thread accusing Hayden Adams, founder of Uniswap, of not repaying him for his help in getting Uniswap off the ground. According to Burton’s account, he had given unrestricted studio access and mentorship to Adams while also providing money—all with a verbal agreement that Adams would repay him from Uniswap’s investment funding. However, after going through a rough patch following the death of his grandmother, when their relationship became distant and he was asked to leave Balance, Burton claimed that he did not receive any repayment from Adams despite multiple requests.

Adams Denies Allegations

In response to these accusations, Adams released a statement asserting that there were untruths in Burton’s account ranging from „very misleading to outright lies.“ He further clarified that what was being referred to as repayment took the form of a post-money Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE), where Burton could choose whatever amount he wanted for himself; however this offer was declined by BURTON due to low funds at Balance at the time. Additionally, another offer was later made but refused by BURTON as well.

Burton Suing To Right The Wrong

Unhappy with having been double-crossed and frozen out by Adams after all his help getting Uniswap off the ground in its infancy days on Ethereum (ETH), Ric Burton has decided to take legal action against him in order to right this wrong feeling he experienced over time.

Unanswered Questions Remain

There are still unanswered questions regarding this case such as why did Adams remain silent on this issue up until now or why didn’t he try harder earlier on when faced with requests for repayment? These are issues we will have more clarity about once more information comes forward during legal proceedings between both parties involved in this conflict over an alleged debt between them from years ago which seems now set be resolved through courts instead of friendly talks outside it like originally expected.


The situation between Ric Burton and Hayden Adam has taken an unexpected turn as it moved from private conversations into public courtrooms without either party being able to reach an agreement beforehand about how things should end up being resolved peacefully outside legal proceedings for something that happened so many years ago already before all these accusations started coming forth only recently via social media platforms such as Twitter among others