Visa Hiring Crypto Engineer for AI-Written Smart Contracts

25. April 2023 Aus Von admin

• Visa is hiring a crypto engineer with a focus on AI-written smart contracts
• Ordinals Finance recently carried out a $1M exit scam
• The World Economic Forum highlighted flare emissions for Bitcoin mining

Visa Hiring Crypto Engineer

Visa is looking to hire a crypto engineer with an emphasis on AI-written smart contracts. This would help the company stay ahead of the curve in the cryptocurrency space and potentially provide better blockchain solutions for customers.

Ordinals Finance Exit Scam

Ordinals Finance recently pulled off an exit scam, making away with $1 million worth of funds. This highlights the need for increased security measures and regulations in the cryptocurrency space to protect investors from potential scams.

World Economic Forum Flares Emissions

The World Economic Forum has drawn attention to the issue of flare emissions caused by Bitcoin mining operations. These emissions are placing additional strain on global carbon dioxide levels and could have long term consequences if not addressed soon.

China Pushing CBDC Adoption

China is pushing harder than ever to boost adoption of its central bank digital currency (CBDC) — known as e-CNY or digital yuan — across China. Starting in May, government employees in Changshu will be receiving their salaries in e-CNY, as well as public sector workers such as teachers, doctors, and nurses.

Paxful CEO Steps Down

Finally, Paxful CEO Ray Youssef stepped down from his role at the company earlier this week, vowing to make users whole through creating a Public Trust fund using his personal assets. This move shows Youssef’s commitment to protecting Paxful’s customers and demonstrates that he takes responsibility for any issues arising from his tenure at the company.