XinFin, JOE, and HEX: Top 3 Crypto Movers Today

22. März 2023 Aus Von admin

• XinFin saw a 24 hour increase of 21.37% and has a market capitalization of $598 million.
• JOE is up 19.94% in the past day, with a market cap of $136 million.
• HEX has risen 16.93%, with an ATH of $5.05117 and a 30-day increase of 48.31%.


XinFin (XDC) is the first digital asset that made it onto the list, with a 24-hour price increase of 21.37%. The platform aims to facilitate cross-border trade finance, supply chain finance, and other business processes through its hybrid blockchain model. At the time of writing, XinFin’s market capitalization stands at $598 million — with a 24-hour trading volume of $12 million — and its all-time high (ATH) was achieved on May 8, 2021 at $0.19451, down 78% from that peak.


JOE (JOE) is the second digital asset that saw significant price movements in the last 24 hours — up 19.94% in the past day — with a 7-day increase of 75.82% and a 30-day increase of 45.25%. It’s designed as decentralized platform for creating and trading limited edition NFTs linked to real world collectibles in order to address lack of authenticity and scarcity in the NFT market by linking each NFT to unique physical assets such as rare coins or sports memorabilia JOE’s current market capitalization is $136 million — with a 24-hour trading volumeof $86 million — hitting an ATH on March 11, 2021 at$5.05117, now down 92% from that peak


The third digital asset that has seen significant price movements in the last 24 hours is HEX (HEX), increasing 16.93%. This blockchain based certificate deposits allows users to stake their HEX tokens and earn interest on their holdings incorporating unique „gamification“ elements into its protocol as well as incentivizing users for staking longer periods for higher rewards for stakers who hold HEX tokens over long term periods.. As per present figures HEX has experienced 30 day rise 48.31%.


In summary these three crypto currencies have seen some interesting uptrends within their respective markets over the last few days: XinFin seeing an overall growth rate near 60%, JOE seeing around 75+ % growth rate over 7 days period while experiencing 92 % drop from its all time high & finally HEX having experienced almost 50 % rise over 30 day period . All 3 platforms have experienced considerable growth rates over various timeframes despite experiencing drops from their respective ATHs .


It appears that these three cryptocurrencies have seen some positive movement in terms of price performance in recent weeks which suggests further potential gains may be ahead if this trend continues . Investors should however do their own research before investing any money into any cryptocurrency